‘Justice for J6’ updates: Protesters expected to gather at noon

‘Justice for J6’ updates: Protesters expected to gather at noon

Temporary fencing has been reinstalled around the Capitol.

The “Justice for J6” rally is being billed as a protest for defendants being detained in connection with the January insurrection at the Capitol.

At least 610 individuals have been federally charged for their involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the United States Capitol, according to the Department of Justice. Most of the roughly 60 who remain behind bars are suspects prosecutors and judges have identified as posing a credible and ongoing threat to the public’s safety.

Many of the same far-right groups and individuals who promoted the original Jan. 6 rally-turned insurrection are this time warning supporters to avoid the demonstration at all costs. Former President Donald Trump has called it a “setup” but also released a statement supporting those charged.

With the House and Senate both out, no lawmakers are expected to be at the Capitol on Saturday. But preventative security measures are still being taken, including the reinstallation of temporary fencing around the Capitol complex.

Rally organizer Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign staffer, has said violence isn’t welcome at the rally.


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