Johnny Joey Jones says Rep. Cori Bush’s biggest ‘oppressor’ is her ‘sick attitude’

Johnny Joey Jones says Rep. Cori Bush’s biggest ‘oppressor’ is her ‘sick attitude’

Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jones reacted to Rep. Cori Bush’s, D-Mo., Fourth of July tweet claiming America is only free for White people on “The Big Sunday Show.”

JOHNNY JOEY JONES: Well, [Rep. Cori Bush] is a divisive provocateur, she says things like this because it gets her likes and retweets and probably some donor money because you know why? She’s part of this system, she’s a part of this political corrupt system that’s who and what she is. She’s an elected official, and she’s talking badly about the system because that’s her angle to partake in it. Let me explain something to that representative, this is not about freedom. This is Independence Day, this is a precursor to freedom this was a fight for freedom, freedom started that day but it takes every generation, and every American, to secure it. Over and over again. At Peal Harbor, on 9/11 and every single day today we fight to stay free, not to become free, but to stay free. We are free all you have to do is believe it, and if you’re choosing not to believe it, if you’re choosing to believe this narrative that you are oppressed and that you don’t have freedom, that then your biggest oppressor is your own sick attitude, not the system not the people, not White folks or Black folks or anybody in-between. 

Listen, there is nothing fair about life, much less the system, and I will work and hold hands and work with anyone to make the system more fair, but if it isn’t in your heart and if it isn’t in your mind who cares what’s fair. You have to believe in it to want to make it better and I challenge her to do her job and to represent the people of her district, that there is no way there is that many people, in one place, that truly believe we’re that bad of a place. So I challenge her to you know, do her job and quit just trying to get likes, retweets, campaign money, be better than that.


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